Four more years

From my european point of view the second term for Mr. Barack Obama makes me predictably glad.
During the whole campaign and the public debates the term “european” has been used in a negative way to stress the bureaucracy, the exploding welfare problem and, in general, the economic crisis of the national debts.
It’s quite obvious that the average Tea Party american fellow has a kind of Pavlov reaction to this type of remark but this era seems not to be easily comprehensible by someone’s sticking to old overrated patterns.
Republicans, just like other right wing parties everywhere in the West, increasingly don’t understand the new world we’re in, trapped in old reaganisms and blocked, as ever, in muscular and stiff answers to liquid and complicated issues.
Key words nowadays are words like smart compromise, crossover, flexibility, crossbreeding.
Time for leaders like Obama, different type of leaders, subtle and pragmatic when you scratch the surface of the MLK style of propaganda.
The globalized and multicentric world requires more Europe in America and viceversa.
Sustainability is another key word to be intended both ecologically and economically.
And if some americans are sincerely worried of the future role of US and allies in the future they should take the less obvious path that once we called “soft power”.
Four more years.


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