Struck n. 9

Black music has always been a safe haven (heaven?) for music lovers.
In these last twenty gloomy years it’s been really useful for aural tasters around.
Jazz, funk, rhythm’n’blues…they invented quite everything and from their roots quite everything is born.
More importantly, it never ceased to be high level music year after year, regardless of moods, vogues, younger tastes.
High level even technically.
Really hard to find bad vocalists and lazy rhythm sections.
So I switched on my Apple TV saturday (saturday night’s alright said sir Elton at the Roundhouse a few days ago, saturday is the day of disco and parties), very confident about the double feature Janelle Monáe – Chic feat. Neil Rodgers in ITunes Festival.
I didn’t know Janelle and it was a big, pleasant surprise, both musically and “theatrically”.
Great stage presence, great music, a real talent for the future and a lot of holy influences from Prince, James Brown to Erykah Badu though trying to push the envelope of black music.
Then, in the midst of this strange coming back in fashion of disco days, Chic on stage.
On top of the charts in the whole planet there’s Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.
Produced by who? Guess.
Mr. Neil Rodgers on stage ironically recalled to the audience that he had requests for a lot of immortal tracks sung by others (Diana Ross! David Bowie!) but written and produced by him.
Pointing fingers to himself saying so.
And how good were those good times!
Disco music in that golden era was “useful” music, considered second choice.
Listening to it now, in the desert, seems honey coming directly from heavens above.
Unbelievably good music, masterly performed (no news).
Life can be so nice.


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